Text to speech (TTS)

Select your language, rate adjust the speed of the selected voice will speak your transcribed text while the pitch governs how high or low the voice speaks.

Online Free Text to Speech

TTSMaker is a free text-to-speech tool that provides speech synthesis services and supports multiple languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc., as well as various voice styles. You can use it to read text and e-books aloud, or download the audio files for commercial use (it's completely free). As an excellent free TTS tool, TTSMaker can easily convert text to speech online.

We respect privacy so you no need to worry to steal your data because your data did not save into the server. All the data save into your computer catch memory.

Instructions to use Text to speech

Add your Text in a notepad.

Steps to follow

  • 1.Select your language
  • 2.Click to start